Our Team

Mr. David Shaw Cheng Chong

Chief Executive Officer

David has over 30 years of experience in private and publicly listed companies within China, the US, Europe, Singapore, and other major capital markets. He specializes in Financial Management, Operations, Auditing, Funding, Business Development, Internal Control Maintenance, Corporate Governance, and Investor Relations. He has served as CFO, Managing Director, and Strategic Advisor to NASDAQ: CREG, Hover Energy, NEXG, and MULG, among others.

Mr. Sathyanandham Anguswami

Chief Operating Officer

Sathyanandham is a technocrat and veteran fund manager with over 30 years of experience in India, UAE, and US equity markets, as well as in Global Currency and Commodities F&O markets. He has managed a $100 million proprietary fund. In addition, he is a FINRA Series 3 professional, technocrat, and DIFX Trading Manager.

Mr. Subbu Vempati

Chief Financial Officer

Subbu has 15 years of experience in Corporate Finance and Investment Management, having raised $150 million in capital for an enterprise technology business in Dubai. He has also managed a large family office fund of $300 million.

Mr. Don K Asok

Chief Technology Officer

Don has a wealth of experience in Blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Multimedia, Software Architecture Design, and Digital Consultation. He has managed projects with powerful companies including Changi Airport Singapore, HP, NTU, and Dell.

Mr. Amar Dossal

Independent Director

Amir is a UK-based chartered accountant and 25-year veteran of the United Nations. He is the Founder and President of Global Partnerships Forum, and the Co-founder and Executive Vice-Chairman of the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development. He also served as Majic’s Chairman of the Audit Committee.


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