At Majic Wheels Corp., we provide our investors with sustainable and consistent opportunities within disruptive sectors including Blockchain, Fintech

and Insurtech. Our subsidiaries within each of these sectors are truly innovative and leading the way in terms of innovation and adoption.

Blockchain & Fintech


Founded in 2017, Calfin Global Crypto Exchange (CGCX) is on a mission to deliver a high-caliber, secure, and user-friendly crypto trading experience. While most exchanges only offer cryptocurrency trading, CGCX combines four blockchain services onto a single platform. These services include a crypto exchange, merchant solutions, smart contracts, and an ICO platform. 

With a daily average volume of over $75 million, CGCX’s fully-insured hybrid exchange, custody solutions, and mining operations open the scope of opportunity for its clients and users.

Blockchain & Fintech


PCEX is a sophisticated digital assets exchange on which users can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies on a global scale. Presenting attractive and highly profitable investment opportunities to its clients, PCEX runs on a one-of-a-kind membership model that aids crypto novices and those looking to enter the market get their bearings. 

An exchange with top-shelf security, it prides itself on being one of the safest Bitcoin and altcoin exchanges in the world.



Bamboo Wellness’s mission is to foster a holistic healthcare ecosystem within Southeast Asian nations through a comprehensive healthcare network, medical insurance, health monitoring, and recommendations. 

The company intends to reduce food risk and fraud via blockchain technology, AI, and machine learning. Bamboo will first operate in ASEAN countries, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brunei. Bamboo aspires to bridge the health protection gap by providing insurance to everyone.


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