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Further Ambitions

The companies Majic Wheels acquires operate within the Blockchain & Fintech sectors, currently Crypto Exchange & Custody and Insurtech.

Proven track record in identifying & securing acquisitions offering sustained profit and fast growth.

The subsidiary companies overlap in their offerings and target audience profiles, which provides cross-marketing opportunities and enables a streamlined and centralized operations and cost-saving model.


  • The world’s leading hybrid crypto exchange, launched in 2018.
  • Enables users to trade crypto in a high caliber, secure, and simple-to-navigate crypto trading environment.
  • CGCX Custody Solutions enable institutions to store their digital assets with the highest level of security & compliance standards.
  • iChain is a complete platform for launching interoperable blockchains, offering users transparency, security, scalability, and little-to-no gas fees.
  • Two green mining acquisitions currently in negotiation, expected to close in 2023.

  • First Indian crypto broker to introduce the B2B Franchise Model to the cryptocurrency market. Operates a network of over 250 franchises & 40 satellite offices throughout India.
  • Founded on a unique, innovative membership concept for crypto investors, enthusiasts, or crypto-related startups.
  • Offers its trading members unprecedented advantages, including IT and technical support, marketing assistance, higher liquidity, development & design aid for web and mobile platforms, plus a peerless revenue share percentage.

  • Regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority.
  • It is a Protected Cell Captive (PCC) insurance company.
  • Formed to provide comprehensive insurance solutions for the entire group of companies under Majic Wheels.
  • Risk is diversified through A-rated reinsurance companies.

  • Bamboo Wellness is establishing a holistic healthcare ecosystem.
  • Offers medical & health insurance for free or at a very low cost via a blockchain and AI-enabled platform
  • Its target audience is insurance policy holders in SE Asia; 2 million users.

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