Financial technology, or “fintech,” is an umbrella term that encompasses technology focused on improving and automating the delivery and use of financial services.

Fintech assists business owners, companies, and consumers by granting them tools to better manage their financial operations, processes, and livelihoods through sophisticated software and algorithms made for computers and smartphones.

Fintech startups are generally created to challenge and overtake conventional financial services through offering convenience, speed, and innovation for transaction processes. These projects allow for small-scale companies to enter into markets that were previously outside their reach. They also provide financial services to countries with limited

access to them. 

Most fintech projects are involved with Crypto and Digital Cash, Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, Open Banking, Insurtech, Regtech,

Robo-advisors, Wealth Management, E-commerce, and Cybersecurity.

Fintech dates back to the 1950s, with early credit cards representing the first wave of public fintech products. Flash forward to today, and Fintech now includes the futuristic, cutting-edge cryptocurrency market. The biggest potential, however, exists in traditional global banking and its multi-trillion-dollar market capitalization.

As the global fintech market is expected to reach $324 billion by 2026, there are incredible opportunities to be seized within this

burgeoning industry.


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