CEO's Message

“This has been an amazing journey, from the small desk in my apartment to a modern office with state-of-the-art technology. The collective experiences and expertise of our team continue to guide us on our journey as we expand into Asia – one of the most promising regions for business! 

Majic Wheels Corp is a company that believes in making things happen. We are dedicated to changing the world through investment in three core industries – Blockchain, Fintech and Insurtech.

The Majic Wheels Corp values are published in the outcomes of our work. We guarantee that each professional provides high impact through a broad spectrum of perspectives, tailoring their mindset and services based on what is needed in each and every situation. This is made possible because we are present throughout key markets with knowledgeable professionals who can provide intuitive, comprehensive and customized solutions. 

I am really excited about the company’s journey so far and the way forward to continued growth and success. We aim to leverage our Asia-focused initiatives and explore a world of opportunities in this vibrant market. Driven by innovation we will continue to create Majic!” 

Mr. Sathyanandham Anguswami

CEO, Majic Wheels Corp.


2401 Fountain View Drive Suite

312 Houston, TX 77057



+1 832 240 1099

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