CEO’s Message

“We are here”, and that’s a big compliment to our dream that once started with a raw idea and today, with the help of our passionate and loyal team, we could bring it to where we are. Our current is the best, but our future will be colossal!

The day we chose our interests in a new, unexplored and contemporary market of Blockchain, Fintech and Insurtech, we were sure of the difficulties; however, the guarantee of success was always light and bright throughout our hearts. 

At Majic Wheels Corp, since its inception, we have had a single goal in mind, i.e. Make a mark in the web 3.0 industry and standalone at the zenith holding hands of our stakeholders, and with bull’s eye, we started working towards it. The goal remains the same, but the hustle just got better with adopting new advancements and technologies. 

My one understanding and thought process for Majic Wheels Corp. in the past, at present and for the future – Upgradation is the key. This one motto has kept me going, far and long – for personal growth as well as for the company.

Mr. Sathyanandham Anguswami

CEO, Majic Wheels Corp.


2401 Fountain View Drive Suite

312 Houston, TX 77057



+1 832 240 1099

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